The changing Vermont foliage

Made it to Maine!

Bed in our hotel room
Day 2
Miles driven: ~320 (about 1000 overall)

I am going to keep this short as we have a lot of things planned for tomorrow and I am already pretty tired. Today we found ourselves back on the leaf-peeping highway along with a few dozen other peepers looking to get in on the fall action.

We set out from Saratoga Springs and made our way through New York to Vermont, New Hampshire and eventually Maine. We only stopped at three breweries today, my favorite being a locals-only speakeasy type of place with the only entrance being around back. It was fittingly called ‘Some Brewing Company.’ The most interesting drink I tasted today however, was had at Portsmouth Brewery. It was a hard cider brewed with habañero.

As we drove up the coast of Maine, we couldn’t avoid an obligatory stop for lobster from a seaside window. It happened to be within view of a nice looking lighthouse, so we peeped on that as well. The night was capped off with dinner with my cousin Andrew and his wife Christine and their new baby boy, Aiden. What a cute and very happy little guy! Without further ado, here are some photos from the day. Tomorrow, it’s off to Monhegan Island.

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  1. Looks like you guys are having such a fun time! Loving all the pics. Hope you post again soon, I was a little sad not to wake up to a new blog this morning! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more, especially that island – did you see any puffins!?!

    1. No puffins unfortunately! They have all flown out to sea for the winter. We are planning on writing a post tonight. We didn’t have any internet access on the island and last night we were just too tired.

      1. I figured that was probably the case, re: internet access.

        Bummer about the puffins! Guess you will have to go again some other time, earlier in the summer…

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