Goðafoss waterfall is one of the most spectacular waterfalls we have seen. You can walk right up to the edge and look over the spot where Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði tossed his Norse statues into the rushing waters after making Christianity the official religion of Iceland in the year 1000.

Honeymoon Day 4 – Getting into Iceland (What does the fox say)

I feel like I’m starting to get a feel for Iceland and the people here. Everyone we have met has been so nice to us so far. I have also started to see how different America is from the rest of the world (or Iceland at least). In America we live a life of excess, here they live a life of simplicity and necessity.

We have been driving East from the airport in Keflavik and are making our way counter-clockwise around the country, mostly along the ring road, or highway 1. We have yet to see a billboard or highway advertisement. We haven’t come across a single strip mall, McDonalds, Wal-Mart or Starbucks. We haven’t seen one commercial, ad or sign promoting the latest pharmaceutical. They just don’t have the type of commercialism here that I am so used to in the states. Granted, the entire population of the country only makes up around 300k people. Still, it’s a welcome change.

We spent yesterday driving from Mjóeyri to Akureyri. Akureyri is the second largest city in Iceland after the capital, Reykjavik. I’d say Akureyri is about half the size of Royal Oak, and is isolated along the middle of the Northern Atlantic shore. The city is set in one of the  Fjords, which are a long, narrow inlets of water, surrounded by steep cliffs on all sides. (Basically the opposite of a peninsula) It is truly awe-inspiring.

(Not my photo) It was a bit too dark when we got into town. Found it here: http://www.avidcruiser.com/port-profiles/north-altantic/iceland/akureyri/

Along our drive here, we stopped at quite a few natural attractions. The area between the two cities is very geothermally active. We saw boiling mud pots, steam vents, fissures, volcanic caves and even hiked to the top of a Tuff Ring Volcano called Hverfjall.

We got into Akureyri in the evening and headed out for dinner. Long story short, we ate both Puffin and Reindeer. It turns out Puffin is one of the most delicate and sweet meats we’ve tried. It may be the best thing I’ve ever tasted. When we got back to our room, the staff at the hotel left us a bottle of Moscato to toast our marriage to. How nice.

The highlight of the day however, was the fox I got to hold that morning. His name is Rasmus.


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