Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon.

Honeymoon, Day 3 – Southeast & Eastern Iceland

If yesterday was the day of waterfalls and black sand beaches, today was the day of glaciers! (And waterfalls and black sand beaches. So many waterfalls, we have probably seen 100.) We continued along the southern coast and stopped at the most amazing place so far, Jökulsárlón. It was a lagoon of glaciers that were both larger, and more colorful, than we imagined.

I am not sure if Dave mentioned yesterday how varied the landscapes are, but they continue to amaze us. We started on what felt like the moon, then hit green farming areas, followed by large lava rocks covered in moss and then headed to a mountainous region with glaciers (the glaciers were so crazy to see, it looked like someone hit “pause” on a wave of water running down the mountains). Then, to our amazement, we drove through Skeidararsandur, which gave a whole new meaning to “desolate.”

We did a little more off-roading in our little Yaris and found our way to a beautiful beach where we were the only people for kilometers. After the glaciers and black sand beaches, we rounded the coast and started heading north, which was yet another world. We hugged mountain cliffs as we wove in-and-out of the eastern fjords and made our way to Eskifjorður, where we stopped for the night.

As we were approaching another little cottage for the night, conversing about how it was the cutest one yet, we saw a dog. This might not seem this exciting, but it gets better. Aside from being only the third dog we have seen in all of Iceland, as we drove up Dave noticed it was playing with a puppy. We both jumped out of the car to go pet them and as we approached we noticed it wasn’t a puppy, but a fox. Yep, a fox. We had read they were numerous on the south part of the country but had yet to see one. Until now. We actually were able to get close enough to touch it. This was before we were informed it was basically a tame pet of the inn and later were able to hold it. Also, Dave went to scope out the dog and noticed it was eating a lamb leg. Like, a fresh one. The skin and and meat were still on it, probably only hacked off an hour or two earlier.

Then we were let in to the cutest place with the most incredible views. We had a fantastic dinner in town (best meal yet) and now are about to head to the hot tub, which is built into an old boat and overlooks the ocean. The innkeeper said she just filled it up thinking we would be able to sit in it tonight and watch the northern lights… Fingers’ crossed!

Our ocean front cottage at Ferðaþjónustan Mjóeyri in east Iceland.
Our ocean front cottage at Ferðaþjónustan Mjóeyri in east Iceland.

The weather tomorrow should be interesting. Also, tomorrow we will be reenacting a little GoT. You know nothing, Jon Snow Dave Schneider. Can’t wait!



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