Honeymoon – Day 1 & 2

Hi Family & Friends,

As you all know, Shannon and I were married this last Monday in Frisco, Colorado. We left the following day on our honeymoon to Iceland! Well, it turns out Iceland is cold, wet and windy. I was wondering for a long time yesterday evening why we didn’t go to Punta Cana. Probably because Punta Cana doesn’t have the Blue Lagoon!

Silica mud masks at the Blue Lagoon
Silica mud masks at the Blue Lagoon


After leaving the warm waters of Grindavík, we set off for our first night’s stay near Sulfoss. There wasn’t much going on in town, so after a quick meal we headed to our cabin in the middle of nowhere.

img_1582The last couple of days had been quite long, with the wedding and the full day of travel, so when we finally did get to sleep last night, I slept for 11 hours. Shannon slept for 14.

Today was a bit more eventful. We drove along the ring road through Southeast Iceland. The highway took us past waterfalls, black sand beaches, basalt pillars  and a volcano.

Tonight, we ended up near Meðallandsvegur and are once again staying in a small cabin. So far Icelandic food has been pretty similar to American food. However, they know how to do pizza and hot dogs here. America, take a lesson.


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