Returning from our paddle

Best. Sunrise. Ever.

We are in love with Blue Loon!

That is the name of Serena and David’s camp. And for you non-Mainers, everyone calls their cabin or cottage “camp” here. Fun, right? David and Serena have a beautiful camp; we even have our own cabin and the entire place is majestic. As Dave mentioned, we arrived Tuesday afternoon after driving up from the coast. After a tour we relaxed, enjoyed a fantastic meal and chatted with Serena and David until we could barely keep our eyes open—which was only like 9:00 p.m. as we were exhausted from all of the adventures.

Wednesday we went sailing!!! Dave was skipper for a while that afternoon and I manned the helm all day Thursday. After a beginner’s lesson from Serena and David we are in love with sailing and right now Dave is searching for used sail boats on Craigslist. Lol. The feeling of the wind in our sails was indescribable.

Wednesday evening we drove to Bangor to meet up with Dave’s long-time friend, Kourtney and her husband, Patrick. We were invited to their lovely home and then they took us to two micro-breweries in Orono (also where the University of Maine is). It was a jolly evening despite the flat tire we had on the way down to see them. (Everything is fine now, Dad. It was a perfect little hole we were able to get filled at the tire shop after Dave changed the tire with ease in a random driveway.)

And on to the good part… Thursday morning we went for a sunrise paddle on the canoe. About three-quarters across the lake there is a little island composed of large rocks and apparently enough land for a cluster of trees to grow. We found a huge, flat rock and set up a little spot to watch the sun come up, complete with blankets and a thermos of coffee that Serena had packed on the canoe for us. Then out of nowhere Dave pulled out this beautiful wooden box that he had turned on his lathe and explained to me that it wasn’t just a box, but a jewelry box. I opened the box expecting to see another plastic lobster, a mood ring or some random trinket. (Have I mentioned Dave has been gleefully fake proposing for almost a year now?). This time to my delight I revealed an actual engagement ring and asked me to marry him. It was the most incredible setting for a proposal and now he is stuck with me forever and ever. We returned to find that Serena and David had champagne waiting and we all celebrated over blueberry pancakes. Best. Sunrise. Ever.

I am actually writing this on Thursday despite not posting it until Friday as we need some time to get a hold of our families to share the news. Right now we are probably traveling through Vermont, which we will write about when we get home (most likely late Saturday night).

We haven’t driven much up here but a quick glance at the odometer shows we covered about 160 miles on Tuesday, 122 miles on Wednesday and 27 miles on Thursday. And the weather has been perfect. Everything has been perfect.

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  1. Don’t mind me, just here in Denver crying over this gorgeous post! I have no words for how delighted I am for both of you. I love you guys!

  2. Wow, congrats Dave and Shannon! What a perfect way to become engaged. Wishing a lifetime of wonderful adventures for you two!

  3. I’m really disappointed the proposal wasn’t Periscoped so I could watch it live. 😉

    CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t wait to celebrate with you soon.

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