Whoopie Pie Cafe

Ahhh. Home.

Naturally, leaving camp wasn’t easy. The feeling there is so peaceful and we were overwhelmed by the hospitality and love Serena and David shared. But rather than feeling sad at the departure, I left feeling fulfilled as I know camp will always hold a special place in my heart.

I spoke too soon last entry when I said the weather had been perfect and it rained the entire day Friday. We decided to forego the Kancamagus Highway despite it being toward the top of my to-do list (and finally learning how to properly pronounce it) as the grey haze from the rain severely limited visibility. Instead, we swung by “THE” Whoopie Pie Café in Bangor. As a whoopie pie connoisseur I can say they were above average but still nothing compared to Shipshewana. Everyone always talks about how well the Amish make dining room chairs and mantels but their whoopie pies are really where it’s at.

We barely made it to Hill Farmstead Brewing in northern Vermont before it closed as we were delayed by the rain. Oh, and the fact that it was in the middle of nowhere. No joke, it was about an hour from the nearest town and 25+ minutes of the drive was dirt roads. The beer was good but the atmosphere was less than expected. We just had a quick pint before continuing to Lost Nation for another beer and dinner—both exceptional—and then stayed in Burlington overnight.

Saturday was an uneventful drive. We were stopped in traffic for two hours near Toronto but still made it home at a decent hour allowing us Chinese takeout and last week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Ahhh. Home.

Friday – 470 miles
Saturday – 780 miles
Grand Total – 2,631 (that’s gonna hurt the lease, lol)

For those of you following along on this adventure, we hope you enjoyed the blog series! (Hi Jackie!)

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  1. Congratulations!! What a great trip. I’ve been to a few of those same places you visited and they are gorgeous. And, kudos to Dave on the box, the ring and the location of the proposal!

  2. Okay, so you’re home and I’ve read your blog after it all happened. What a lovely trip and a lot of beer! Thanks for sharing it with us (the trip, not the beer). and CONGRATULATIONS! Can’t wait to meet you, Shannon. Way to go, Dave. Lotsa love to you both.

    -huB (Shannon, you might as well know right away that nobody in the family calls me by my name)

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